When Should I Replace My Roof?

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Get An Attractive New Roof For Your Residential Home!

A roof replacement is a great way to update your roof with materials that can assist in energy efficiency as well as durability. New roofing materials have many protective features such as heat reflection or resistance to inclement weather. Roofing materials all have different strengths and features depending on your preference from tile roofing, metal roofing, asphalt shingle roofing and more! If you’re more interested in heightened longevity for your roofing system consider stronger roofing materials such as slate or metal roofing. For environmentally friendly options you can consider solar panel installations or even green roofing (roofs made out of plants!) The options for roof upgrades are numerous if there is a feature or quality to your new roof that you want there is most likely an option out there in the market for you! Be sure to connect with a qualified and experienced roofing company so you can get more ideas and guidance on what would work best for your home! Whether you’re in need a roof replacement or repair it’s important to consider your damages so you can get the best solutions for your residential roof!

Roof Replacement vs Repair

If you’re wondering if you’re really in need a roof replacement or repair then be sure to consider what each technically does. With a roof replacement, you’ll see widespread construction that will deal with roofing issues that can affect the overall integrity of your roof. Such issues could be water damages from a storm, replacing or adding poor insulation to help with internal temperatures, when your roof has reached the end of its life, adding impact resistant or improved protection for your roof, damaged or loosely installed roofing materials and more. Repairs will often fix localized issues such as a roof leak, puncture, torn shingles or other instances where roofing problems won’t necessarily affect the entire roofing structure.

How much does it cost to replace a roof?

Roof replacement costs are dependent on the square footage of your property as well as the roofing material you’re choosing to incorporate for your project. With that in mind, the national range for a roof replacement is between $4,900-$14,100.

What is included in a roof replacement?

A roof replacement will typically include underlayment, flashing, roof coverings, gutters, drip edges, and ventilation. These factors will also be dependent on the roofing company you go with and their offered services.

Does homeowners cover roof replacement?

Roof replacement with insurance will vary depending on the policy that you have. Generally, an all perils homeowners insurance policy will only cover a roof replacement if damages have been inflicted upon the home due to an act of nature. If your roof is simply aged then the roof replacement or repairs would fall under as the homeowner’s responsibility with general maintenance.

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What materials are needed to replace a roof?

What is Needed For a Roof Replacement

  • Fascia
  • Felt underlayment
  • Self-adhesive waterproof underlayment (“ice and water shield”)
  • Flashing
  • Shingles/Panels
  • Drip edge
  • Hook blades
  • Roofing nails
  • Sealant
  • Staples

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Roof replacements can range in time duration based on such factors as the roofing contractor, the roofing manufacturer, if repairs need to be done, the expanse of the roof, the age of the roof, the region, weather and more. Ideally, you can expect a roof replacement to take two or three days yet the national average for a roof replacement, probably based on the factors mentioned, is actually two weeks.

Connect With A Qualified Roofing Company

With a large amount of information regarding a roof replacement available, you may be needing assistance on narrowing down options in order to start the process of roof construction. It’s therefore important to consider the specifications of your home and connect with a certified roofing contractor for guidance on the process of a roof replacement for house. With a well-reputed roofing company, you can be guided on your project from inception to completion, with roofing material options, blueprints, schedules and more being openly communicated with you for a smoother process. Keep in mind that a roofing project can have some unexpected factors that may change your projected completion date, so it’s important to keep a flexible schedule in mind. Such push backs could be materials not arriving on time from a manufacturer, weather changes or other such areas or scenarios that are out of your hands. In order to ensure a secure installation, more time may be better than a quick job as there will be less chance for errors and improperly installed sections. Ultimately, having a good working relationship with your roofing contractor will allow you to work with any setbacks without unnecessary stress. Good luck!

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