Tips For Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Picture of Roof Damage for Insurance ClaimsOne of the worst feelings as a homeowner is having your roof damaged by severe weather. After all, the roof is the main protector of your home against the elements. To make a successful insurance claim on your damaged roof, you must take steps immediately after the storm ends. Here are 4 tips for roof damage insurance claims:

Check Damage Immediately

You can not wait several days to check for roof damage after a storm. Call Ariat Roofing at 702.208.4153 and have a professional come and inspect your roof for damage. Internal damage is harder to notice for the untrained eye, but our experts at Ariat can make the determination.

Document Damage

Use your phone camera, or any type of camera to take pictures of the storm damage. This evidence will be critical when making your insurance claim. Our professionals at Ariat will also be taking pictures during the roof inspection, so that we can properly document the damage, and the significance of the storm.

Call Your Insurance Company

Place a call to your insurance after you have checked for, and documented, the storm roof damage. Ask for a review of their policy, and how their plan specifically pertains to storm damage. Be sure you have a copy of the policy as you are on the phone, so that you can clarify any discrepancies between what they are saying, and what the policy reads.

Choose a Roofing Company

You want a roofing contractor with insurance claim expertise to inspect your damage. Ariat Roofing specializes in insurance claims assistance. Residents of Las Vegas, NV who have experienced damage to their roof, should immediately contact us.