Flat Roof Repair And Replacement

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What Is Modified Bitumen?

flat roof repairDeveloped in the 1960s, modified bitumen or modbit roofing became an alternative to heavy built up roofing. In earlier years, flat roofs needed UV protection and weight to keep high winds from damaging it. A layer of gravel accomplished this. However, modified bitumen does not require this additional layer of protection. It is more environmentally friendly than built up roofing systems, and requires less maintenance.

Modbit roofing is applied with heat or a cold adhesive. The material comes in a large roll which is rolled out and, if torch-applied, the underside of the membrane is heated to form an adhesive. This adhesive provides a waterproof layer between the membrane and the substrate. Some of these flat roofing systems are smooth while others have a granule surface, similar to asphalt shingles. Most last from 12 to 20 years if properly maintained.

Hiring a skilled roof installer is critical with flat roof installation. An expert roofing contractor will properly apply the membrane, making sure there are no blisters, wrinkles, or ponding issues. Improper installation will leave you with a leaky, failing roof. Don’t risk unqualified workmanship; call Ariat Roofing for a team with over 25 years of industry experience and consistent five-star reviews! We’ll do the job right the first time and make sure your home stays safe and dry.

Common Flat Roof Repairs

One of the biggest causes of wear on a flat roof is foot traffic. Frequent walking or standing on your flat roof can quickly wear down the protective UV coating, leading to early failure. Another major problem is bird droppings. Due to the acidity, they can degrade the protective layer and waterproof layer beneath. If you spot birds frequenting your rooftop, you should take protective measures and inspect your roof more often for damage.

Another major problem is standing water. Although called flat roofs, these roofs are technically low-pitch roofs. There must be a slight pitch to allow water to run off. After a heavy rain, check your roof to make sure there are no pools of water or ponding. Don’t wait until you see a leak to call for repairs! Repairing minor damage is much less expensive than having to reroof your home.

When inspecting and cleaning your roof, be sure to tread carefully and clear away any debris from the roof. Make sure water has proper drainage or you could develop a problem. Look carefully for hail damage, punctures, or dents that could lead to a leak. If you need flat roof repair, give us a call and we’ll be happy to patch it up.

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