Roof Maintenance Services

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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

roof maintenanceRoof maintenance is an important but often overlooked part of owning a home. You perform maintenance on home appliances, your lawn, and more, so why not your roof? After all, your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, including drastic changes in temperature. In Las Vegas, temperatures can change rapidly and often. In especially extreme weather, this can cause your roof to experience thermal shock.

Older flat membrane roof materials are especially susceptible to this. As the temperatures change, the membrane and fasteners will expand and contract. This can lead to damage, leaks, and other issues. If you own a home with a flat membrane roof, it is important to regularly inspect your roof for signs of deterioration. Checking your roof at least once a year, or before and after severe weather, should help catch any problems.

Asphalt shingle and tile roofs require maintenance too, though less often. Roofs with asphalt shingles typically last 20 to 30 years while tile roofs easily last 80 years or more. However, this figure counts on the homeowner conducting annual or seasonal roof maintenance. If you want to get the most out of your roof, you need to take care if it!

Roof maintenance will help your roof live a full life. Poorly maintained roofs fail earlier, even when built well with proper materials. Don’t let an early roof failure cost you! Repair any minor problems as they arise and you’ll get decades of use out of a new roof.

Roof Maintenance Tips

It’s best to check your roof when the seasons change, before winter and before summer. This provides a good opportunity to check for damaged shingles, leaks, general wear and tear, and debris. If you have a flat roof, look for pooling water or damaged fastenings. Take the opportunity to thoroughly look over your roof and make sure it’s ready for the next seasons.

If you have an old roof, watch for signs of deterioration. Check for shiny, bald shingles that have lost their protective granules, cracked or missing tiles, and any dents or holes from hail. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may consider inspecting it more often.

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