Roofing Insurance Claims Assistance

Has a storm or other incident damaged your roof? Let Ariat Roofing help you handle the insurance claims. We understand all the details and things insurance looks for, and we’ve helped countless customers with insurance claims assistance in Las Vegas, NV. Call us today at 702.208.4153 and we’ll get working right away.

Don’t Underestimate Storm Damage!

insurance claims assistanceThough rain in southern Nevada is infrequent, when it rains it pours! Many homeowners has experienced the dangers of flash flooding and heavy thunderstorms which can bring damaging hail. While tiny pieces of hail likely won’t harm your roof, larger hail can cause some damage. The larger the hail, the larger the chance of roof damage. Large enough pieces at high speeds can punch a hole straight through your roof! Strong winds can also knock loose shingles.

If your roof is damaged in a severe storm, check immediately for signs of leaks. If you see water leaking into your home, call an emergency roof repair company to prevent further damage. Try to keep your drywall and insulation dry if you find a leak. However, if you don’t see any problems, hold off on repairs until you file an insurance claim.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover unpreventable damage, such as fire, vandalism, and storm damage. However, you should carefully read over your policy to verify this before making a call.

How To File A Roof Damage Claim

The most important thing to do after a hail storm is to take pictures. Photograph hail on the ground, and place a measuring tape next to a piece for scale. If you see any obvious damage to your roof or home, take pictures. Make sure to include a date stamp on every image and avoid blurry or dark images. If you take pictures at night, use a flash or light to see the hail and damage.

After taking pictures of your home and the storm damage, call a local, trusted roofing contractor to perform an inspection. There are people who may try to take advantage of you and give you a dishonest report about your roof. This is never the case with Ariat Roofing! We’ve proudly served the Las Vegas area with over 25 years of industry experience, and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You can trust our A+ rating with the BBB and numerous five-star reviews from happy customers.

After you receive a reliable inspection, contact your insurance company with the report and photos. Whether or not they will pay for repair or replacement will involve many factors, including the severity of the damage, age and materials of your roof, quality of your roofing materials, and more.

Don’t delay when it comes to roof damage! Minor problems can quickly lead to bigger, more costly repairs. If you need storm damage repair or insurance claims assistance, call Ariat Roofing. We offer free quotes! Our expert roofing contractors will work quickly to repair your roof and keep you and your family safe. Reach us at 702.208.4153.