Is Roofing in Winter a Good Idea?

Snow On Roof

Snow On Your Roof Won’t Stop Us From Working On It.

Roofing in cold weather is something that sometimes has to happen. Roof problems don’t stop just because it is cold outside, they actually get worse in these cases over hot summertime roofing problems. A lot of the same problems are still there during both seasons, but people will tend to notice roof issues more often in the winter season because of heavy rain that can get through bad spots in the roof causing alarm in any homeowner or loss of heat in the home as well. Winter roofing can get a little tricky in areas that feel the cold pretty hard. Places with a lot of rain and snow have to be very careful this time of year not only because of the safety of the roofers, but because of the overall quality of the roof as well. Snow poses many problems for roofing contractors that are never easy to deal with. The first one is that snow is slippery and wet, which means that the process of walking around and climbing onto a rooftop gets that much harder and more dangerous. Snow can also hide things like skylights and damaged areas in the roof that may be dangerous to walk across and can even cause more damage. Most roofers will wait until the snow settles and then try to wipe it away as much as possible. Once the snow is cleared away, the only problem is that it is cold outside, but if you are dressed for the occasion, it’s not a problem. Roofing in winter can be a challenge, but making sure to have roofers during this season is very important because this is usually when roofs begin to act up.

Roof Problems In Winter

Can you replace a roof in the winter? The simple answer is, of course you can. It is not nearly as easy as doing it in the fall or summer time, but it can be done and has to at times. When you are trying to figure out if you can get a roof done or have your roof done, you may wonder what temperature is too cold for roofing? Once temperature drop below 50 degrees, that is when problems can start to arise. Just like our bodies act differently during cold temperatures, your roof materials will as well. Roof shingle adhesive does not go on as easily and shingles become much more brittle, opening them up to breaking and cracking during installation. This can be frustrating because there is constant contact with these materials so the contractors will have to be much more careful with the product during this time than they normally would have to be. Can roof repairs be done in winter time? If the repair can wait and will not pose a threat to your roof or home, it may be better to choose a time that temperatures are above 50 degrees, but overall, most repairs can be done in the winter time just like summer. Making sure your roof is prepared for the winter is also a great way to avoid having to deal with any of this as well. Things like roof coatings and roof inspections can help you prepare for roofing in winter.

What To Consider When Doing a Roof In The Winter

Snow Piled Up On Roof

Having Your Roof Inspected Before The Temperatures Start To Drop Is Important.

If you are a roofing company, you probably know how to best protect yourself and your employees from the treacherous parts of roofing in winter, but we’ve created a quick rundown of things to keep in mind as the winter season rolls around and the roofing calls get heavier.

Slow Down – It is important to keep in mind that if you are a roofer or are having a roof repair in winter time, that you understand that things are going to take a little longer than normal. Snow, cold, and rain all puts a damper on things, literally, so you will want to go into the winter roofing process with the idea of patience. A roof repair that would normally take a few hours, may take the whole day.

Body Mobility – Snow on the ground means freezing temperatures. When your body is cold, it doesn’t work as well or as fast as it would when the temperatures are agreeable outside. It also means that you are probably having to wear larger coats and possibly a type of glove which can make your movement a little less mobile than it normally would be.

Sunlight – Winter means that the sun will be going down a little earlier than it normally would. You will have less time during the day to complete your project so they will usually take a little bit longer. Because it is cold, you will also need to make sure that you are taking more breaks than you normally would.

When you need a new roof or a roof repair in winter in Las Vegas, NV make sure you call the professional roofing contractors at Las Vegas, NV for help. You can reach us at 702-208-4153 and have confidence that your roof will be done right now matter what time of the year it is. If you need to have your roof checked before it starts dropping into the freezing zone, let us know right away and we can have someone come out and do a roof inspection to avoid any serious problems down the road.