Roof Storm Damage Signs

Roof Storm Damage

Storm Damage Can Lead To Extensive Damage For Your Home and Roof.

Roofing systems are designed to be able to handle anything thrown its way, however, sometimes storms can dish out a little more than your system can take. This is especially true of older roofing systems or worn materials. Most storm damage won’t be as highly visible as you might believe, sometimes just being small punctures or dents in your structure. However, these can be just as damaging. This roof storm damage can go unnoticed allowing it to grow worse or create leaks in your home via roof damage or possibly plumbing issues. These need to be handled quickly in order to prevent extensive damage to your structure. When you have a leak, simple roof repair or burst pipe repair may take care of the initial problem, but there may still be weakened areas within your home. Knowing how to identify storm damage signs can allow you to identify the underlying, weakened areas and better secure your home. Areas of your roof that may have storm damage will exhibit:

  • Missing materials & bald spots on the roof
  • Indents in the material or structure
  • Worn down and torn materials
  • Visible daylight from your attic space

What Is Waterproofing a Roof?

Waterproofing a roof may benefit your home, especially if you have a flat roof. This service can be completed after storm damage repair and adds a coating that gives an extra layer of defense against storms and damage. It is overlayed on your roofing materials and does not weigh heavily on your structure, defending against hail, wind, water, and debris. It can even bounce UV rays away from your property, preventing this kind of wear and helping with energy efficiency. Want to learn more about waterproofing in Las Vegas, NV? Ariat Roofing  is your source for waterproofing services! Reach out to our team at 702.208.4153 for your waterproofing needs.