5 Great Benefits of Tile Roofs

Tile is one of the best roofing materials available and provides several benefits. However, many homeowners wonder if the cost is worth it. To help you decide, here are a few benefits of tile roofs.

benefits of tile roofs


The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 to 30 years when properly maintained. A tile roof, however, can easily last 80 years or more! There are centuries-old tile roofs still standing in Europe. If you plan on owning a home for decades to come, a tile roof is a great investment. Unless your home sustains extreme damage, you will probably never need to replace your tile roof.


So what makes your tile roof last for so long? Clay and concrete tiles are extremely durable, and can withstand just about anything. They are Class A fireproof, can withstand winds of 150 miles per hour, and stand up to hail larger than a golf ball. Tile roofs also exceed the current seismic load requirements, so proper installation will keep your roof safe.


On of the major benefits of tile roofs is unparalleled style. Available is a variety of colors and styles, tile roofs add significant curb appeal to your home. This will also add value if you decide to sell your home. Choose classic Spanish red barrel tiles for a Mediterranean flair. Or choose a natural brown flat tile for a traditional look with extreme durability. The options are endless!

Low Maintenance

Unlike asphalt roofs, tile roofs are low maintenance and rarely need repair. If a severe storm does damage your roof, tiles are easy to replace since they are individually installed. This means fast and simple repairs when you need them!


Tile roofs provide several environmental benefits. Because they last so long, you won’t clog up landfills with reroofing materials. Tile does not deplete resources like asphalt and contains no chemicals. Plus, tile will help insulate your home and cut your energy bill. Because they create a natural airflow, they form a heat transfer barrier. This means a cooler house in the summer and warmer home in the winter.

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