How To Check Your Roof After a Storm

In cases of strong wind, heavy rain, and hail, your roof can sustain significant damage. Winds alone, if strong enough, can cause minor damage to your roof, damage that will become more serious as time moves along, and put the durability of your roof structure at risk. Debris from windstorms can chip away at the integrity of your roof over time. With enough wind storms, your roof will eventually require professional maintenance. It is important that you understand that minor roof damage can turn major.

Check For Roof Damage

Storm Roof Damage

Some signs of damage are more obvious than others

There are several things you can look for after a storm to determine a baseline for the amount of damage your roof has sustained. Curled shingles are a clear sign of roof damage. Patched areas around your roof indicate some type of damage, as do tears or cracks around your roof penetrations. If you are uncomfortable going up to the roof, you can also check indoors for possible signs. Indoor signs include brown or yellow stains on the ceiling or walls that would indicate moisture infiltration. You might notice peeling of wallpaper, another bad sign. If you become aware that your home’s ventilation is off, or you are being charged more in energy bills, your roof has likely sustained damage.

The Next Step

Once you have determined that your home is showing signs of roof damage, the next step is to call a professional. At Ariat Roofing we provide trusted roofing services to properties in Las Vegas, NV. If your home sustained damage from severe weather, or an accumulation of wind storms, call us right now at 702.208.4153