Can your roof repairs be covered by Insurance?

Insurance Claims

Nature is sometimes unrelenting, and ever so often, the weather is unpredictable. When disaster strikes, we want to be there to help you and make sure the process of fixing your roof is as easy as possible.

What’s your protection?

Most people believe that because they pay their annual premiums, their insurance agent will be concerned about doing what is right for them. While that may be true for a small number of agents, most agents know their loyalty is to the insurance company.

When an adjuster comes out to inspect your roofs damage, their goal is to save as much money as possible. That means the adjuster will try to minimize the value of your claim. You don’t want this to happen!

Make sure to contact Ariat Roofing so you have roofing professionals on your side to walk you through the claims process. We can help get you an appropriate claim before you settle with your insurance company.