How to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency With Better Roofing

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Try Selecting a Lighter Shade of Your Favorite Color for More Efficient Roofing!

Have you ever heard someone say “Man, I wish I was paying more on my energy bills!” Probably not. Adjusting your usage habits and upgrading appliances is one way to save, but enhanced roofing materials can help improve your energy efficiency by leaps and bounds. Whether you’re searching for residential cool roofing in Cedar Park, TX or Madison, WI, you’ll see that efficient roofing can help you save big.

Choosing an Energy-Efficient Material

If you’re looking for energy efficiency from your roof, what you need is a cool roofing material. Now there are several types of cool roofing. The most accessible materials are precoated shingles, specially made by manufacturers for reflecting additional sunlight.  Again, these shingles are specially made; normal shingles can’t be coated.

There are a couple premium roofing solutions which also provide lucrative energy savings. Many homeowners enjoy the strength and resiliency of metal roofing, though it’s not for everyone. Some tile roof installations are particularly reflective, diverting sunlight and heat away from your home.

What is the Best Color for a Roof?

When it comes to picking a color for your roof, just remember this: lighter colors lead to lighter bills. While black, dark grays, deep blues, and mellow greens may look nice, they will absorb more sunlight. Consider switching to white, silver, light gray, or a lighter shade of your favorite color!

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