What is the Best Way to Spend Your Tax Return in 2017?

With tax season in full swing, many homeowners are trying to decide on the most cost-effective use for their tax return. This year, you might consider investing that refund back into your home! Your roof is critical to the protection of your home, your family, and your way of life. When was the last time you had your roof inspected?

What should I spend my tax return on?

A roof inspection is recommended at least once a year for all homes. Your yearly inspection should look for:

-Fallen branches



-Water Damage

-Hail Damage

-Cracked, or Broken Shingles/Tiles

-Curled Shingles

-Missing Shingles/Tiles

-Bumps or Protrusions

Get the Most Out of Your Tax Return

Currently, the most common roof types in Las Vegas, NV are asphalt shingles and tile roofs. Our expert roofers at Ariat Roofing have extensive experience with both, and we are happy to assist you in inspecting your roof, and repairing it if needed. Proper maintenance is essential to the longevity and effectiveness of your roof so allowing your roof to go without an inspection for more than a year gives rain, wind, hail, and harmful UV rays time to exacerbate problems on your roof, which can lead to leakage and serious water or structural damages throughout your home!

This year, put your tax return to good use, and save yourself big money later on. Give us a call today at 702.208.4153 in Las Vegas, NV and allow one of our roofing professionals to evaluate your roofing needs!