Ariat Roofing Customers appreciate the personal touch…

Repaired a roof leak, replaced tiles and put new tar paper on patio roof.
Member Comments:
I was very pleased with the professionalism of Jay Ariat from the beginning. When I first contacted him on the phone for an estimate, I told him that i wouldn’t be home but that he could come over and check it out anyways. He said he would rather meet the client in person and arranged to come over on a day I had off. This impressed me, as I was also dealing with other trades who had no problem providing service without meeting me or not being home. On the day of service his crew showed up at the time he said they would and then he showed up shortly thereafter to make sure things were going on track. His crew were friendly and polite and cleaned up all the debris, I would also like to add that I told Jay that I had just had my pool resurfaced and filled up and was concerned about getting roofing nails in the pool. He made sure to make his crew aware of this. Very pleased with Jay and his company. Would definitely use them again and recommend them as well.
Customer: D. Moore
March 2016