3 Hidden Dangers of Roof Debris

During the warmer months, you may notice more debris on your roof, from leaves and dust to small branches and pine needles. While this collection doesn’t seem dangerous, it can pose serious hazards to your roofing system. Prompt roof debris removal is crucial for a long-lasting roofing system.

We Can Help With Your Roof Debris Removal.

Roof Debris Removal is Imperative to the Health of Your Roof System.

Roof Rot

When debris collects on your roof, it holds moisture, especially on the bottom layer. In turn, this creates mold, moss, mildew, and even algae that causes roof rot. Once your roof materials begin to rot, you could need leak repair, material replacement, or underlayment replacement.

Acid Deterioration

Leaves, pine needles, and tree branches all contain acids that can quickly cause damage to your roof material. Other than the questionable brown or yellowish color they add to your roofing system, these acids can contribute to premature degradation and damage.

Roof Leaks

As these materials sit on your roof, they begin to wedge in between your flashing and underneath materials. This can damage your roof material, leaving entry points for water. These broken down materials can also clog the crevasses that water uses to drain from your roof, causing it to back up into the underlayer of your roofing material.

As the warm months begin, it’s important to ensure your roof is clear of damaging debris and hazards to ensure it performs great for the entire season. For superior roof maintenance and roof debris removal that you can trust, call the Ariat Roofing experts today at 702.208.4153. We can complete all of your maintenance and repair needs to ensure that your roofing system stays strong and sturdy.