Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Services

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When choosing your new roofing material, the options can seem to go on forever. While every roof type has benefits, metal roofs seem to have all the best benefits in one type of roof material. Of course, there are downfalls to metal roofs, too, such as maintenance requirements and initial costs. However, metal roofs can offer unmistakable benefits that last the life of the roof.

Outstanding Protection

Metal roofs offer unbeatable protection against hazards like water, extreme temperatures, and high winds and hail that can typically cause heavy damage to roofing systems. These roofs will also protect against UV rays, lowering your energy bill.

Long Lifespan

Metal roofs can last up to 50 years with regular maintenance, and can sometimes outlast the home they are built on. These roofing systems’ incredible durability also lengthens its lifespan because it doesn’t deteriorate due to elemental damages.

Extreme Style Flexibility

For years, metal roofs were only available with a, well, metal appearance. But times, they are changing. Today’s metal roofs can be made to resemble almost aby other roofing material and still retain the strength of a metal construct. For instance, metal roofing materials can imitate clay and concrete tile, slate, and even shingles.

When you are looking for an elegant, classy appearance with the durability to last for decades, a metal roof may be the best choice for you. For more information on the different types of metal roofing, or to schedule a consultation, call Ariat Roofing at 702.208.4153.